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I’m an actor, writer, comedy performer, and voice-over artist based in the south of England (London/Oxford) and in Stockholm, Sweden. I am part of multi-award-winning and critically acclaimed comedy duo Nathan and Ida (“These performers have it all!” - Views from the Gods), specialising in long form narrative comedy shows that have been praised for their seamless blending of verbal and physical humour. I’m also known for being the voice of Queen Victoria in the cult comedy podcast “Victoriocity” (funny, classy, clever - The Guardian). I’m an experienced sketch comedian and improviser with over ten years experience of writing, performing, and touring with award-winning troupe The Dead Secrets. I have lots of experience of workshop facilitation in improv, drama, and using theatre to communicate academic research. 


In short, I’m a bilingual Swede with an international outlook, a penchant for falling over, and a flexible face, ... with a serious side.

I've collected experiences through living in countries all over the world with my large family and, now, I’m enjoying the company of my husband and my St. Bernard, right where I am, while slowly learning that I can grow vegetables.  

Any questions, just get in touch

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